Does your pet need urgent veterinary care? Creston Veterinary Hospital is here to help. We are proud to be part of the East Kootenays Veterinary Group (EKVG), helping keep urgent care accessible in the area.

(250) 428-9494   How The EKVG Works

Urgent Veterinary Care

Contact Creston Veterinary Hospital

If your pet is experiencing a situation that may need urgent care, contact us right away. For after-hours care, you will be directed by our triage service.

Please note that you may be directed to visit one of our partner clinics for treatment.

Call: (250) 428-9494

How Urgent Care Through The EKVG Works

A cooperative group of veterinary clinics in the East Kootenay region has been formed in an effort to maintain urgent services in the region. These include clinics in Cranbrook, Kimberley, Fernie, Invermere and Creston working together for after-hours urgent care.

The clinics share the demand for urgent care services, with the majority of calls being taken in Cranbrook since there are three clinics. Sometimes, however, it will require animal owners to travel to Creston, Invermere or Fernie.

The hospitals employ a triage service called Animal Health Link that uses trained Registered Vet Technicians (RVT) to triage our client's calls to determine if their pets need to seek immediate urgent care.

The clinics provide both small & large animal services 24/7 to local clients who are unable to seek urgent care at other hospitals in our EKVG group that are listed as on-call for the Kootenays.

Steps to Take in an Urgent Care Situation

Follow the steps below if you are concerned about any symptoms your pet is experiencing.

  1. Call Ahead - During regular business hours, call us right away. After hours, contact us and you will be directions about what hospital in the Kootenays region to visit.
  2. Follow Instructions Provided - We may provide you with instructions to help you apply first aid or otherwise make your pet as comfortable as possible while you make your way to one of the animal hospitals.
  3. Stay Calm - Remain calm and be extra cautious around your pet. Pets may react negatively towards anyone trying to help and may bite or scratch due to pain or fear.
  4. Bring Your Pet In For Care - Do not put yourself at risk when transporting your pet to your vet. Consider using a secure carrier or crate to ensure that your pet remains calm and contained throughout the journey.

Urgent Care FAQs

Read through our most frequently asked questions below to learn more about bringing your pet in for an urgent care appointment at Creston Veterinary Hospital