We sympathize with the hardship of losing a beloved pet. During this difficult time, our veterinary team at Creston Veterinary Hospital can offer you support and guidance.

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Supporting You After the Loss of a Beloved Friend

Grieving the death of our companion animals can be just as painful as grieving the loss of a family member or friend. It is important to take the time to grieve and to experience your emotions.

Losing a beloved pet can leave a significant void in our lives, as they often provide unconditional love and support. Acknowledging and honouring your emotions during this grieving process is crucial for healing and finding closure. 

Our team understands the deep bond between humans and animals, and we are here to provide reassurance as you navigate through this difficult time. 

Grief Counselling, Creston Vet

Providing Support During Tough Times

During this difficult time, our veterinary team at Creston Veterinary Hospital will offer as much support and guidance as possible. We can help you process your loss and provide tools for a healthy mourning process through our grief counselling services.


Although facing this loss can be difficult, it is important to give yourself time to mourn. Suppressing the grief and keeping up appearances may be something you want to do, but remember that your to-do list can wait and your friends and family will understand if you need some time to heal.

Be kind and gentle to yourself, and remember that sadness is not a weakness but a part of life. Suppressing your feelings will increase stress, anxiety and anger in the long run.


Honouring your departed pet is an important part of the healing process. Memorializing them can bring you closure and provide a sweet reminder of all the good times.

Reflect on their cherished toys, or their favourite sport to curl up and take the time to create a little memorial just for yourself. We would also be honoured to help keep your beloved pet's memory alive on our Memorial page. Please provide your favourite picture of your pet and any information you want to share about the wonderful life you had together.

Communicating with Children

Consider the death of your pet as an opportunity to teach your children a valuable lesson about mortality and the grieving process, rather than thinking that hiding the truth from them is the kindest approach.

Losing a pet can demonstrate to your children how your family handles sadness and that grief and loss are normal parts of life. You can and should grieve, but it's also okay to eventually move on and feel happy again.

Requesting Support

People who don't understand your loss may be insensitive to it. They may intentionally or unintentionally diminish how you feel and suggest that you ‘just get a new pet.’

We can help you navigate conversations about your loss with the people in your life, giving you the tools to insist politely but firmly on your right to process your loss in your own way.